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I joined CCTP-AZ to serve others and share my faith in Christ. I spent a few days in jail 7 years I learned of the hurt and pain of those incarcerated. Being part of the Angel Tree program with Prison Fellowship, I have seen the impact in the lives of inmates and their families who are lost and made mistakes but are needing love and opportunity. It became even more personal for me, watching my childhood friend spend several years in prison then fall back into his old patterns when he returned home. I want to help others know they have a future and they don't have to be defined by their past.
David Adolfson, Founder
Chairman Emeritus, Adolfson & Peterson Construction Company

Raymond L’Amoreaux, Board Chair
President and CEO Victorious Christian Living International

David Stricker, Director
Executive Director CCTP Minnesota

Frantz Beasley, Program Director
Co-Founder and President of AZ Common Ground

Steven Holm, Director

Rhonda Blake, Director
Phoenix Rescue Mission
Construction Careers Training Program (CCTP) is a collaboration of faith-based organizations that provide mentorship, training and full-time employment in the construction industry for formerly incarcerated individuals. Established first in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2002, as a partnership between CCTP and the national developer, Adolfson & Peterson, CCTP-Minnesota has grown to be a partnership of more than 60 collaborative partners that meet monthly to support formerly incarcerated men and women who seek employment.

As a result of the success in Minnesota, CCTP-Arizona was established to replicate the success of Minnesota and expand on the knowledge and experience gained over the last 10 years. Using a holistic collaborative model, CCTP-AZ’s goal is to develop a state-wide program to support formerly incarcerated men and women to make it possible for them to become productive citizens and end the destructive cycles of failure and recidivism.
Our History

I am fully committed to the mission of CCTP-AZ because I realize how much God has given me in my life and I choose to give that same love, healing and support to those He allows me to meet.

I have been forgiven of so many bad decisions in my past life. It is literally by the grace of God that I am not dead, or spending the rest of my life in prison. It is my calling to be a support to anyone who chooses to turn their lives around and move forward in Christ.

Ezekiel 34:22-27

I believe the Lord showed these verses to me because they are a reflection of how I feel about how God sees all his kids.
I am involved with this ministry, because I want to make sure I tell everyone who does not know that God has a plan for them, and their life. Their past is not a picture of who they are, but a reflection of the destruction the enemy had in store for them.
I know God has called me to declare the enormity of His blessing that he has for all. So I am giving my time to the men and women who God brings our way.

The Lord has saved my life on too many occasions for me not to praise Him and give Him my all. When I serve others, I am praising Him.

As a child, I always wanted to be loved and to have a normal life where I could grow. Instead I was introduced to the life of crime and spent several years of my life committing crimes in the streets and incarcerated. Years later following my release at the age of 32, I decided I wanted to live my life in Christ and never look back. Life has not always been easy since I made that decision, but I push forward every day to make positive strides, and to be the man and father my children need for me to be. God has called me to do His will, and since I discovered the purpose for my life in Him, I chose to help others overcome in their own lives as well. I’m not perfect today, but I am excited for the progress God has blessed me with in my life. IRON SHARPENS IRON.

Since our awesome God and Father spared my life and set me free to serve Him, my life has never been the same. I want to assist those who want to not only better their lives but grow in their relationship with Christ.

I don't care for religion and I became tired of other people defining God for me. I became most alive in Christ when I allowed Him to build a relationship with me. I have received so much from Him. I have no choice but to say Thank you God, and serve Him with everything in me.

I will forever give praise and thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has saved me to be used by Him to serve others. Serving is what I will do!