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Seven Areas of Life Training® (SALT)
Tuesdays - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

SALT is a biblically-based training series designed to teach people, from a biblical perspective, in seven areas of life: spiritual, psychological, social, physical, financial, marital and parental. SALT uses simple diagrams to illustrate foundational biblical truths making them easy to remember and share with others. SALT teaches individuals how to honor God and live a more complete and peace-filled life, nothing missing … nothing broken.
Our Process
Group and Individual Mentorship - Churches, community-based organizations and businesses are an extraordinary resource for providing mentors who help participants become connected to a community of support, which fosters success at work, but also in life.

Group mentoring sessions create opportunities for peer support, improved communication, problem resolution and coping skills and civic engagement. Participants may also be matched with a mentor for one-on-one support.

Our mentors are trained men and women who have demonstrated sound Christian character and a commitment to supporting other men and women during their re-integration process and beyond.
Referrals for Supplemental Resources - CCTP collaborates with more than two dozen agencies across Maricopa County. These partners offer various services to support are participants during their reintegration process. Some of these services include: transitional housing, emergency food and clothing, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, educational services, transportation assistance, workforce training, entrepreneurial training, free cell phones and other resources.

Applicants are referred to CCTP-Arizona by various partners and affiliate agencies (i.e. Department of Corrections, Prison Fellowship, Church Prison Ministries, and Agency Partners).  A written application, as well as an intake and assessment interview is required to determine an applicant’s readiness to complete all required aspects of the program. 

For an appointment, please call 
(602) 244-9928.

Selection - the CCTP process is designed to support applicants who are committed to doing the hard work necessary to make the transition back into society after incarceration.  We can provide many tools, but each ready applicant MUST make a commitment to change and persevere.  Applicants must also commit to participating in the life skills training.


Biblically-based life skills classes and group mentoring is offered on a weekly basis to all participants.  Additionally, workforce readiness training is provided.  This includes resume writing, interview coaching and job searching.

CCTP Arizona hosts regular Employer Roundtables with business owners who spend time with our participants in an open forum for to discuss their business industry demands and employer expectations.  Roundtables are the greatest opportunity for employers to dispel the myths about formerly incarcerated individuals.

Employment Placement

Construction industry employment opportunities are CCTP’s primary focus.  However, our employment partners come from various industries.  Placement is made according to applicant readiness, skills, experience and availability of opportunities within the partnership.
Support CCTP!
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You can become a partner in several ways. You can become a Mentor, Referral Resource or Employment Partner. You can also support our cause by making a donation.

The SALT series teaches in these 7 areas:

Spiritual - My Relationship with God
Psychological - My Mind Will and Emotions
Social - My Relationship with Others
Physical - My Body
Financial - My Money
Marital - My Marriage
Parental - My Children

There are seven workbooks in the SALT series and along with high quality DVD's the 28 lessons allow for interactive discussion groups.
Jobs for Life
Thursdays - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

The course allows for students to overcome the fear of publi speaking and help develop communication skills. The class and small discussion groups allow for the students to truly grasp and practice the concepts taught in each class. Many other topics will be covered in the 16 week course which will allow participants to develop the skills they need to be successful in a career and in life.

Topics for each session include:
Why should I take this journey? (Why Work, My Motives, My Life Journey)
How do I plan my journey? (Vocational Planning-My Roadmap)
What do I need on the journey? (Excellence, Perseverance)
How do I know I am going in the right direction? (patience, pursing a goal, Peace-Joseph's Story)

Each student will be issued a Student Workbook which contains all reading assignments and activities necessary to complete the course.